Digital Marketing

Types of targeting methods and exclusions

Types of targeting methods and exclusions

On the Display Network tab, you’ll see different sub-tabs that correspond to the targeting for your ad group. You can add targeting methods to refine the places where your ads can appear and choose specific audiences that you want to see your ads.

Contextual targeting: Match relevant site content

  • Keywords: Target or exclude by a page’s key phrases, like Rafting travel packages.
  • Topics: Target or exclude by a page or site’s central theme, like Hiking & Camping.

Audiences: Reach specific groups of people

  • Interest categories: Target or exclude by interests or affinities, like Outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Remarketing: Target or exclude by people who have visited your site before.
  • Demographics: Target or exclude by age group or gender, like Males, 18-24.

Placement targeting: Select or exclude specific websites and apps

  • Placements: Target sites, mobile apps, or video, like with managed placements, or exclude any automatic placements using exclusions.
  • Site category options: Allow or exclude by Display Network categories, like live streaming video or sites about crime, police and emergency.